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Roof Restoration Sunshine Coast

Our Roofing Contractors are specialists at performing roof restoration Sunshine Coast work. Now, you might be questioning if you require a roof restoration or not. The weather in the Sunshine Coast isn’t perfect, and it can be temperamental at the best of times. You may be looking at your roof and by the looks of it; your roof hasn’t become a victim of the harsh Queensland sun or wild thunderstorms just yet.

Well, here are several factors to watch out for. They indicate when a roof restoration Sunshine Coast might be on the cards. We won’t be mentioning the obvious examples like “having a big leak” for the sake of conciseness. If the response to any of the subsequent questions is “Yes”, Do not hesitate to call Roof Repairs Sunshine Coast.

  • The tiling or metal roofing has begun to decay
  • You are noticing cracks or shifting of tiles
  • Water drips, no matter how minute are beginning to emerge
  • You are spotting marks and blemishes and are reasonably sure they were not there recently.
  • The house is over 10 years old, and that indicates the supplies used to construct the roof are too
All of those are hints that the roof is no longer in great shape, and requires roof repair or roof restoration. If the negligence advances, it could enhance into a much more sinister problem. In the end, a roof restoration will save you more cash, despite the upfront cost. Although it can appear to be a massive financial strain, imagine the repurcussions of leaving the problem to manifest?

Why Choose Us for Your Roof Restoration?

#1 Roofing Contractors in Queensland

With years of experience in the roof restoration industry, we are the trusted choice for all your roof repair needs. We offer a full warranty on our full roof restoration service, ensuring that you receive the highest quality workmanship and materials. 

We are fully licensed and insured, so you can trust that we will handle your roof restoration with professionalism and expertise. Our team of skilled roofers will provide a free roof inspection, consultation, and quote, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the work that needs to be done and the cost involved.

Our range of services includes professional roof restoration, roof repointing, roof cleaning, roof painting, and property pre purchase inspections

As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in delivering exceptional service and customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of a well-maintained roof in protecting your home and enhancing its appearance.

Roof Restoration Sunshine Coast

The Roof Restoration Process

Our roof restoration process consists of three main steps. First, we conduct a thorough roof cleaning, which includes minor repairs of tiles, flashing, and gutters. This is followed by roof painting to restore the appearance of your roof. Lastly, we perform repointing and rebedding of the ridges to ensure the longevity of your roof.

Roof Inspection

Before starting any roofing project, we conduct a comprehensive roof inspection. Our skilled roofers will climb on top of your roof to assess the condition of your tiles, ridge caps, and flashing. We use pictures and documentation to ensure transparency and to provide you with a clear understanding of the work that needs to be done.

Roof Repairs

Once the scope of work is determined, we proceed with roof repairs. This includes replacing cracked or broken tiles with recycled tiles that match the existing ones. We also clear out any debris obstructing the valleys and gutters. If additional repairs are needed, such as resealing the flashing or addressing roof leaks, we address these issues as well.

Roof Pressure Cleaning

After completing the roof repair process, we thoroughly clean your roof using a special high-pressure cleaner. We use machines that generate around 4000 psi to effectively remove dirt, lichen, and moss, restoring your tiles to their original condition. Our roof cleaning process ensures that every tile is cleaned properly, leaving your roof looking fresh and rejuvenated.

Rebedding & Repointing

To ensure maximum longevity, we rebed the ridge capping of your roof. This involves replacing the cracked or broken mortar that holds the ridge caps in place. We use a flexible pointing compound that allows for the natural movement of the roof while securely fixing the ridge caps. Our experienced roofers will give your roof lines a sharp edge, enhancing the overall look of your home.

Priming Roof

After pressure washing and drying the roof, we apply a suitable primer to provide an adhesive link between the tiles and the topcoat. This primer enhances the bonding of the topcoat to the tiles, protects them from corrosion, and ensures a beautiful finish. We use different primers depending on the type of tiles, ensuring the longevity of the roof’s color and appearance.

Roof Painting

The final step of the roof restoration process is roof painting. We apply a strong base coat to thicken and seal the roof, providing water resistance. After adequate drying, we apply a topcoat to enhance the roof’s appearance and provide UV protection. Our non-toxic and environmentally friendly coatings ensure the safety of your home. Once the roof painting is complete, your house will look completely renewed and protected for the next 10-20 years.

Different Roofs Require Different Approaches

Your Local Roof Restoration Experts

We specialise in different types of roofs, including metal, terracotta, and concrete roofs. Each roof requires a specific approach to ensure the best results.

Metal Roofing: Metal roofs are durable but can experience rust and corrosion over time. We provide maintenance and restoration services for metal roofs to ensure their longevity and appearance.

Terracotta Roof Restoration: Terracotta tile roofs are prone to breakage and become brittle with age. We offer complete roof painting treatments to rejuvenate and protect terracotta roofs.

Concrete Roof Restoration: Concrete tiles are long-lasting but tend to attract mold, grime, and lichen, resulting in a dull appearance. Our high-pressure cleaning services can greatly improve the condition of concrete roofs.

Roof Painting Sunshine Coast

Our Other Services

Roof Repairs Sunshine Coast is the perfect place to take care of all your roofing needs. We have a diverse range of services available to cater to your specific requirements. Below, you’ll find some of our most sought-after services.

Roof Repairs Sunshine Coast operate on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds.

Sunshine Coast | Baringa | Noosa | Palmview | Glenview | Maleny | Montville | Glasshouse Mountains | Bribie Island | Gympie | Maroochydore | Caloundra | Nambour and other areas on request

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